Welcome to Ferndown Village Hall, A beautiful hall ideal for parties, with a separate room for meetings, a fully equipped kitchen, and a snooker room. Based in Ferndown Dorset, which is 10 miles from Bournemouth,

Ferndown Village Hall

Ferndown Village Hall - Available for Hire

Welcome to Ferndown Village Hall

Ferndown Village Hall




Terms and Conditions for Lettings & Hire

If the hirer is in any doubt as to the meaning of any of the following, the Letting Officer should be consulted for clarification.

  1. Applications for hiring should be made in writing on the application form to the Lettings Officer with payment of the correct fee. Cheques should be made payable to Ferndown Village Hall and will only be accepted 28 days prior to the event date.

  2. The hirer shall use the premises only for the purpose stated on the booking form and shall comply with all relevant laws and regulations. The premises will not be hired to persons under the age of 21.

  3. Smoking is prohibited within the premises.

  4. All conditions attached to the Public Entertainments Licence shall be duly observed. The hirer shall be deemed to be responsible and to comply all such conditions.

  5. No copyright dramatic or musical work shall be sung without the licence of the owner of the copyright and, if required, all such licences shall be produced to the Trustees before commencement of the hiring. The hirer shall indemnify the Trustees against any infringement of copyright which may occur during the hiring.

  6. The hirer shall not sublet or transfer the letting to any other persons.

  7. The Trustees reserve the right to refuse or cancel any application at any time without stating a reason. In such a case any fee paid will be returned within 14 days and the Trustees will be under no further liability. The Trustees reserve the right to move any booking to any location within the building or any other building without prior notice.

  8. The hirer may cancel a booking at any time. In that event the payment or repayment of any monies will be in accordance with the cancellation policy stated on the booking form. Cancellation fees will be applied as follows.Cancel up to 16 days of event, no charge. Cancellation within 15 days of event 50% of hiring fee will apply, Cancellation within 7 days of event the whole hiring fee will apply (appropriate amount may be retained from the deposit.)Should the Trustees deem inappropriate behaviour or acts have taken place during the hire period they reserve the right to close the event and ask all parties to leave without recompense of any nature.

  9. The hirer shall indemnify the Trustees for any loss damage, claims or liability arising from the hirer’s use of the facility.

  10. It is accepted that in booking with us you have obtained the appropriate authority to do so, if booking on behalf of other associations, organisations or individuals.

  11. The Trustees shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to the hirer or any other persons, or to their property. The hirer is responsible for all Health and Safety aspects of their booking from the time of arrival on the premises to the time they leave the premises.

  12. The Trustees shall not be liable for any failure or interruption to the electricity, gas or water supply nor for the failure of any equipment or facilities on the premises.

  13. No posters, signs, decorations, flags or bunting shall be attached to any part of the premises without the written consent of the Trustees or the Lettings Officer.

  14. No nails, screws, hooks, pins, tape or other fixings shall be attached to any part of the premises.

  15. No alterations or adjustments shall be made to any lights, heating or other electrical equipment. If the hirer intends to use any other electrical equipment, the Lettings Officer should be notified and the use will be subject to the approval of the Trustees.

  16. No additional lights, extensions from the existing electrical light fittings or electrical equipment shall be used without prior consent of the Trustees/Letting Officer. Should permission be granted , the hirer shall only use electrical equipment which meets current UK Electrical and Safety Regulations and holds a current P.A.T. safety approval and markings.

  17. Where the hirer uses third parties for entertainment the hirer must ensure the third party has Public Liability Insurance to a minimum of £2.5m.

  18. All apparatus, equipment and materials brought onto the premises shall be removed immediately at the end of the hiring. No dangerous or noxious substances or illegal substances may be brought onto the premises.

  19. No alcoholic drinks shall be sold on the premises without the consent of the Trustees. If alcohol is to be sold, the hirer is responsible for obtaining the necessary licence from East Dorset District Council. A copy of any such license must be given to the Lettings Officer at least seven days prior to the event.

  20. Children less than 18 years of age must be supervised at all times the hirer shall be responsible for the good conduct and order of any persons attending the hirers function, and shall ensure that no nuisance is caused. If the hiring is for a dance, party, club event or similar function the hirer shall ensure that adequate supervision is maintained at all times and that no undesirable persons are admitted. Should it be deemed necessary for additional security personnel for any given event then the hirer shall be responsible for all costs. The hirer (or their representative) shall remain present until the premises are cleared and secured at the end of the hiring.

  21. The hirer shall be personally responsible to ensure that all emergency exits are kept clear and vehicles are parked in marked bays not causing any obstruction to emergency exits, emergency vehicles or users in other parts of the building.

  22. The hirer will familiarise themselves with and comply with the Fire Safety Guidance as Displayed on the Notice Board. (Also available on the website). The hirer will also be responsible for appointing stewards to act in emergency situations.

  23. The Trustees hereby notify the hirer that the premises are surveyed with C.C.T.V. recording in the interests of property, hirers and Health and Safety.

  24. The Trustees representative shall have unrestrictive access to any part of the premises at any time during the hiring.

  25. The Trustees reserve the right to close the premises at any time deemed necessary without prior notice. The hirer shall close the function and vacate the premises at the specified time. If the hirer fails to vacate on time the Trustees may charge an extra fee at their discretion. No function shall continue after 11.00pm unless by prior arrangement with the Trustees.

  26. The hirer is responsible for ensuring that the premises are left in a clean and tidy condition. The premises must be swept, and litter placed in refuse sacks which must be taken away by the hirer. All kitchen utensils and equipment used must be left clean and put away as it was at the commencement of the letting. Any building defect or problem must be notified to the Lettings Officer immediately. The Trustees reserve the right to charge for any additional cleaning needed.

  27. On vacating the premises, the hirer is responsible for switching off all electric lights and water heaters. If the hirer fails to do so, the Trustees may impose an extra charge at their discretion.

  28. The hirer shall make these conditions known to all relevant persons.

  29. At the end of a letting

    A/ The premises are to be swept and tidied

    B/ Food/drink to be cleaned off of chairs, tables and the floor.

    C/ Filled refuse sacks to be taken away. (Hirers to provide their own refuse sacks).

    D/ Heating thermostat to be retuned to 15 Deg C

    E/ Sink/wash basin taps to be checked to be off

    F/ Water heaters to be turned off

    G/ Music to have ceased by 11.00pm

    H/ All windows to be closed and locked.

    I/ Exterior doors to be closed and secure/locked.

    J/ Breakages/damage to be notified immediately to the Lettings Officer.

    K/ Premises to be secured as agreed with the Lettings Officer, and /or key to be returned as agreed.

  30. In the unlikely event of a dispute the decision of The Trustees will be final.

  31. The Trustees reserve the right to amend the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

  32. The hirer shall make these Terms and Conditions known to all persons concerned and must ensure that there is a person in charge and present at all times during their event and that that person has read, understood and agreed to be bound by these Terms and Conditions and the Premises Emergency Procedures displayed on the Notice Board.The Village Hall Trustees would appreciate your co-operation in the application of these conditions to keep the premises in order for the next users.

  33. The Terms and Conditions will be governed by English law and the parties submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in relation to any dispute which may arise between them.

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